Welcome, Budelberger! Thank you for help --Khazar II 20:17, 22 Сентябрьков 2008 (UTC)

Bonjour et merci de cet accueil. A very little help… --Budelberger 20:23, 22 Сентябрьков 2008 (UTC) ()
Cher Budelberger, merci beaucoup pour votre contribution et la assistance!--Khazar II 12:52, 23 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC)
« Don't mention it ! »… We need to promote Суоми-Угронь кяльхне ! I'm working also on Incubator Mari language (mhr). --Budelberger 13:15, 23 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC) ().
If so, pls support my efforts in making templates for the Main page. I would like it to be something like French Main page or at least as default English with all dates, articles of the day, etc but I'm still too illiterate to finish it myself. BTW I know now Russian templates do not match the same in English so I soon was trapped into making a total mess. I now stopped using Russian templates for Moksha wiki (only English) and even stopped translating templates names itno Moksha to make my work steps clear for other users. The problem is we do not have html experts here. If you have time for that pls give me a hint how to make it all work. Thank you in advance anyway.
P.S.:mhr wiki has now almost 1000 articles! If we could progress making such steps! I thought first I could be of help for them but soon understood they are still carrying on good:) --Khazar II 18:56, 23 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC)
> I don't understand, Mister II, where is your problem. You, « illiterate » ? you are « mdf-N », « ru-N » and « en-4 » : I am « mdf-0 », « ru-0 » and « en-1 »… So, where is your miscomprehension in the en:Templates or fr:Modèles ?
> Incubator Mari (mhr) : numerous articles… but not well written ! or categorized, or interwikified…
> Ельниконь район or Ельникань район ?
--Budelberger 18:55, 24 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC) ().
Well, seems you are right. Very much appreciate your efforts. Thank you for all you do et merci pour l'encouragement! --Khazar II 20:46, 24 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC)