Dear Norbert, thank you for registering in Moksha Wikipedia. Thank you for using Moksha lang. Your info needs minor correction: Мон венгеран. Монь илялемозе Eino81. Монь лемозе Норберт Киш. I mean we use илялемозе for pseudonim. Unfortunately I don't speak Hungarian too. My father does a little, cause he had a friend Hungarian when he was on military service and they both were happy when they made surprising revelation their languages were close and even had the same words. Hope I didn't hurt you with my error corrections or bored with my story telling. Feel as at home in Moksha Wiki! --Numulunj pilgae 07:44, 10 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC)

Norbert, for Erzyan translation contact Erzianj jurnalist fm Erzya Wiki. Köszönöm!--Khazar II 19:44, 13 Ноябрьков 2008 (UTC)