Happy to hear that, dear friend! Welcome to Moksha, Silesian guy! Only a few Moksha resources are available on the web. If you are ready to start learning this language me and other Moksha contributors are sure to help you to start. But I must tell you this language includes complexity of Hungarian and Finnish. Well, first of all some useful phrases. Pls see below.

  • Wait a moment. - Ozhu!
  • Yes. - Da, Ina
  • No. - Ash
  • Thank you. - Sjukprä.
  • Please. - Enäljdjan.
  • Good afternoon. - Shumbra shi.
  • Goodbye. - Näimazonk.
  • Hello. - Shumbrat.
  • I don't speak Moksha. - Mon af korxtan Moksheks.
  • Do you speak Moksha? - Ton korxtat Moksheks?
  • How do you say this in Moksha? - Koda tä märjgims Moksheks?
  • I'm not Mokshan. I'm Silezian. - Mon af Mokshan. Mon Silezijanan.
  • I think - Mon arjsän
  • You think - Ton arjsät
  • He, She, It thinks - Son arjsi
  • We think - Minj arjstäma
  • You think - Tinj arjsätäma
  • They think - Sinj arsixtj
  • One. - Fjkä.
  • Two. - Kafta.
  • Three. - Kolma.
  • Four. - Nilä.
  • Five. - Vetä.
  • Six. - Kota.
  • Seven. - Sisäm.
  • Eight. - Kafksa.
  • Nine. - Vejxksa.
  • Ten. - Kemänj
P.S.: j with consonants marks palatlization

rx, jx, lx

  • lx is an aspirated L. That means you form your lips and tongue to pronounce L, but then you blow air gently around the sides of the tongue instead of saying anything. The nearest you can get to this sound in English is to pronounce it as an l with a th in front of it. Mokshan words: kalxt [kathlt] - fish (plural), kalxtj [kathljt] - willows
  • rx sounds as if the h come before the r. There is a slight blowing out of air before the r is pronounces. Mokshan words: marxta [mahrta] - with; marxtj [mahrtj] - apples
  • jx sounds as if h come after j. Mokshan words: pejxtj [pejhtj]-teeth, kulixtj [kulijhtj] - (they) hear

--Khazar II 10:42, 12 Ийульков 2008 (UTC)

P.S.2:your help will be of a great value! there are only few of us (Moksha Wiki contributors) here and all don't really seem to be experts in Wiki settings and regulations. --Khazar II 10:47, 12 Ийульков 2008 (UTC)

Hi, Timpul. I think I can help.

___ (Силезиякс: ___, Полекс: ___) ошсь Силезиянь воеводстваса (Силезия аймаксь), Полень масторса. ___ кизоса 56154 эряйда. Ошсь ушетфоль ___ кизоня.

___ (Силезиякс: ___, Полекс: ___) велесь Силезиянь воеводстваса (Силезия аймаксь), Полень масторса. ___ кизоса 56154 эряйда. Велесь ушетфоль ___ кизоня.

Some comments. кизоня - in year (used postpositively). -сь is a kind of postpositive definite article (in fact this is demonstrative declension word ending). ушетф+оль =founded+was. Thank you! --Numulunj pilgae 10:43, 17 Ийульков 2008 (UTC)

Sjukprae, Numulunj pilgae!. Sorry, guys I've been a bit busy those days. --Khazar II 18:13, 18 Ийульков 2008 (UTC)

  • Very much appreciate! Good Mokshan language! Sorry about Щечин rename but it was really unpronounceable in Moksha phonetics --Khazar II 19:01, 5 Сентябрьков 2008 (UTC)